The know-how for all security solutions

As a complete security provider, CERTEGO always work to best meet the technical function, performance and economic expectations of your security solution needs.

CERTEGO plans, installs and manages security solutions within essentially all industries. Our customers are in retail, energy and telecoms, apartment buildings and housing associations, aviation and transportation, industry, commercial properties, municipalities and county councils, government agencies, public buildings, health care, schools, preschools and universities.

Leading brands assures quality

We work with leading brands in the security industry and can therefore propose several options. Our highly-trained technicians have expertise in the necessary product areas, including: booking systems, fire protection and fire safety, door control, automatic doors, door closers, property boxes, burglar alarms, intrusion protection, integrated security systems, safes, key cabinets and safes, locking systems, emergency evacuation/evacuation, access systems, intercoms and surveillance cameras/CCTV.

Focus on time, technology and economy

A thorough feasibility study is the basis for detailed studies and design of all products included in the final solution. In the preliminary study, we focus primarily on time, technology and economics: a tuned time for implementation and deployment; a technical solution that meets the identified needs of performance, functionality and longevity; and finally a price that is consistent with your financial limits and expectations.

Open security solutions

The variety of products and brands means that we can customize the security solution to specific security needs and requirements as well as regulations in your business and industry. The solutions are always completely open to allow you to select the provider of service and maintenance, though we offer to take this on for you as well. When cooperation with us, security and freedom to choose should feel natural.

Welcome to CERTEGO

CERTEGO is your complete security provider. With us, you always have access to the leading brands in the security industry. Learn more in our company presentation.

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Professional services

CERTEGO offers help to all professionals involved in security solutions as part of their work, such as architects, developers, project managers and heads of security.

A leader in the Nordics

CERTEGO is a leading Nordic provider of complete security solutions. Our skilled and dedicated employees create secure, innovative systems tailored to customer needs. CERTEGO has a presence in 90 locations in the Nordic region, with over 1,200 employees and sales of over EUR 200 million.